Our team is the core of this organization!

International Scholarships Non-Profit Organization

About the CEO

Our Team

Arvine Istiak Polok

Graphics Designer, ISNPO

“ISNPO is an opportunity for people who don't expect much out of their lives!”

Md. Maruf Ahmed

Advisor, ISNPO

“Simply would like to thank ISNPO for helping out all these people out there and I'm glad to be a part of this!”

Israt Jahan


“I work to make the most of Associate Members. Utilizing the members to bring the most out of them for the welfare of themselves and this organization!”

Nusrat Jahan Tuly


“The only place where people believe education buys happiness is ISNPO!”

Md. Al-Amin Karno

Content Specialist, ISNPO

“Help others & get helped by others!”

Ismail Titas

Content Specialist, ISNPO

“Isnpo is creating a global family; where everyone helps developing each other through education!”

Abdul Aziz

Trustee, ISNPO

“Taking part in the global welfare is the best thing one can do!”

Sayada Shahnaz Hassan

Trustee & Advisor, ISNPO

“Let's help; Let's make a GLOBAL FAMILY!”

Nahidul Islam Nihal

Graphics Designer, ISNPO

“Quark is a fundamental constituent of matter and ISNPO is the Quark for International Scholarship Information!”